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Click here to see Shade trees
Shade trees add to the value of a home. In the heat of a Texas summer, it’s really nice to
have a giant shade tree to sit under. Here are some pictures of shade trees that we offer.
Click here to see Ornamental trees
Ornamental trees draw attention to themselves very easily. These trees have features
that set them apart from the rest of your landscape. It is a good idea to put them where
they can be viewed closely. Otherwise, the uniqueness of them will be lost. That
uniqueness may be their color, texture, flowers, bark, or branches. They are important to
have and add distinctiveness and beauty to your yard. Here are some we carry in our
Click here to see Evergreen trees
Evergreen trees retain some or all of their foliage throughout the year, growing new
leaves before the old ones fall off. There exist both needle-bearing and broad leaf
evergreens. Here are a few.
Click here to see Shrubs
We carry many different types of shrubs. Shrubs are a great way to create screening.
Here are pictures of just a few we carry.
Click here to see Palm Trees
Palm trees are great to place near a pool to create your own exotic paradise or to set in
your landscape design. Here are some we carry. Our sizes vary from 2' to over 30'.
At Ted's Trees we pride ourselves in our vast inventory of quality Shade trees,
Ornamental trees, Evergreen Trees, Palms, Plants, and Shrubs.  Any tree
purchased from Ted's Trees that includes installation comes with a one year
warranty. If what you are looking for is not listed please contact our office at
512-928-8733 or email us at tedstrees@aol.com.

Our hours are Monday - Saturday 8:00 - 5:00 PM Sundays 11:00 - 3:00 PM
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